Custom designs are limited only by your imagination...and your pocketbook. You can typically expect to spend around $195/square foot...maybe more if it is complex or requires special framing or support.

Letters and numbers add significant complexity to a design. For planning purposes, your project needs to be large enough for letters/numbers to be at least 2.5 inches tall. You can plan to add about $30/letter to the cost.

Below you'll find examples of our custom projects.

Old Glory

Flag Window

Proud to be an American. This stained glass American flag is custom fitted in an antique window frame. Really looks great on a log wall!

Alaska Flag

AK Flag

This interpretation of the Alaskan State Flag was designed to fit into an old window frame. The solder lines connect nearby stars when looking at this constellation in the night sky to create beautifully "random" pattern.

NEW--Birch Forest

Birch Forest

This project features birch tree trunks and foilage set in three half-round windows, giving the look of a virtual birch forest outside when the bottom blinds are drawn.

My Alaska

My Alaska

This project features a black bear enjoying the snow-capped mountains, trees and flowers that remind us all of an Alaskan Summer.

Snow Goose

Snow Goose

This design was commissioned as a folk art interpretation of the snow goose. Truly unique, it is our first adventure into this style of art.

Arctic Beagles

Arctic Beagles

But of course we have an Arctic Beagle design...

Hope and Happiness

LOL Window

This project is prominently displayed in a church in North Pole, Alaska. The design was created by a granddaughter to commemorate her late grandmother, and we adapted it to create this beautiful and colorful stained glass window.

Custom Iris Window

Installing the Iris Perfect Setting!

Alaska's Iris celebrates the end of winter, a new beginning. The colors of the frame complement the colors of the home's decor.

Alaska Range

Mitch's Mountains

This is the view of the Alaska Mountain Range that your see driving south on the Richardson Highway through Salcha. Features Mt Hayes, Mt Deborah, the Aurora Borealis, and a moose couple enjoying the view.

Iris View

Iris View

On those cold, dark, minus 40 nights, hang this up on the wall to remind you of those summer days that are not far off. A custom design fitted to an antique window.

Texas Flag

Texas Flag

This project was also designed to fit into an old window frame.

Alaskan Iris


This design includes fresh new buds growing with full-grown blossoms. The oval panel is a beautiful alternative for folks that don't quite have enough room to display a full-size classic snowshoe.

Snow Owl

Snow Owl

This design was commissioned for an owl enthusiast, and uses a circular panel instead of a classic snowshoe design; another alternative for folks with space limitations for displaying their Arctic Beagle art.

Raven Cabinet Windows

Raven Cabinet Windows

These panels were customized for friends in Fairbanks who are handcrafting a beautiful wooden cabinet.

Three Ladies

Top Three

Our 3 Ladies: Forget-me-not, Fireweed, Iris.

Have an old window frame that's too nice to throw away? But the glass is broken? We can put your "favorites" in there for you.

Ben Eielson High School Logo


We've made many replicas of organizational logos, but this is our all time favorite. Probably because our son, Chris graduated from this fine institution.

Iris Lantern

Iris Lantern

Here is a picture of the lanterns we made with an Iris theme. The clear glass is called "seedy" and creates a beautiful effect when placed in sunlight.

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