Arctic Beagle Glass specializes in "Alaskana" stained-glass art. Custom fitted glasswork mounted inside wooden snow shoes provide those who have visited The Last Frontier with a special memory of their unforgettable experiences. Each piece is handcrafted in our studio in Salcha, Alaska. If you are looking for a gift or memory that is unique and handcrafted by Alaskans, choose Arctic Beagle Glass.

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Classic Snowshoes

Tundra Bull

This is our specialty! Full-size, or classic, snowshoes are a beautiful and unique addition to almost any decor. "Vintage" wooden snowshoes serve as the frame, which requires that each glass design be handcrafted for a custom fit to that particular snowshoe. We use two basic styles of wooden snowshoes:

Standard snowshoes have a long tail, typically measure 48" x 14"

Standard Snowshoe

Bearpaw snowshoes do not have a tail, typically measure 24" x 15"

Bearpaw Snowshoe

To find a sample of our most popular designs, click here.

Mini Snowshoes

Griz n Sam

Our mini-snowshoes are extremely popular to give as gifts, or for those just looking for a smaller artwork.

Mini-snowshoes typically measure 16" x 5"

Mini Snowshoe

Click here to see our extensive collection of Mini Snowshow designs.


Moose Couple

Suncatchers are art pieces designed to hang in the window... to "catch the sun." They stand-alone without frame or snowshoe.

This example is one of our newest designs. What a great gift idea, or to celebrate your special vacation!

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Low Level

Looking for US Army or Air Force oriented designs?

Click here to view our most popular designs and past projects.

Custom Projects

Flag window

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Let us create a unique glass masterpiece for you.

Click here to view a sample of past custom projects.

Where is ABG Now?

The Knotty Shop

The Knotty Shop is located at 6565 Richardson Hwy in Salcha, Alaska.

Experience an authentic Alaskan shopping experience and enjoy a scoop or two from their awesome ice cream selection. You will also find perhaps the most extensive Arctic Beagle stained-glass selection available.

For the complete list of gift shops carrying Arctic Beagle artwork, click here.


Beagle Mania

The Arctic Beagles, Bert and Rose, after a hard day of doing stained glass.

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